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AconiteAconite is an excellent remedy for sudden illness, aches, colds, coughs, flu, chills and fever. Keep on hand for quick recovery after becoming ill following exposure to weather changes, such as very cold or very hot weather, exposure to dry winds or inclement weather.

Aconite helps with symptoms from sudden shock, fear, fright. Aconite is often used during the early stages of an illness, but can also be used for past trauma to rebalance.

Indications include feeling apprehensive and agitated, tossing about. Fear and restlessness seem to dominate the symptoms. 

Other Aconite symptoms include sneezing, croupy cough, throat that is red and swollen.
Aconitum Napellus, or Aconite, is from the plant Monkshood. Aconite is used in treating sudden symptoms.
Sudden sneezing; Croupy coughing; Restlessness, patient appears anxious & frightened. 
When considering Aconite, look to a sudden cause.  Aconite also known as Aconitum Napellus and Aconite Nap. Abbreviation Acon.

Keynote Summary:

Sudden on set
Bladder infection

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ApisApis Mellifica, abbreviated Apis Mell, provides soothing relief for swelling, edema, burning & stinging pains. Itchy skin conditions. Great to keep on hand for first-aid treatment. Use for sunburn, insect bites and stings. Apis Mel is from Honey Bees and is a perfect match for clearing the itching and swelling of insect bites, bee stings, wasp, hornet, mosquito, and other flying insects.

Use for rashes that have red, swelling marks like insect bites, such as with hives. Rosy red hives from allergy from food, bites, etc.

Apis Mel for symptoms of redness, swelling, stinging, itching. Sudden edema, whether over the entire body or specific areas.

Eye symptoms such as swollen eyelids, edema under the eyes, styes, watery eyes, red conjunctiva, thick cornea, having dark, smoky, spots- greyish, smoky, opaque.

Throat conditions with dryness, feels hot, swollen, difficulty swallowing, without thirst.

Ailments that show the symptoms above will respond to Apis, such as fevers, eyestitis, flu.

A doctor from Tucson emailed us, "We use the Apis Mel for our snake bite customers. It works very fast and its wonderful. We have saved every single snake bitten animal this year that has come in. We also get brown recluse, black widow bites along with scorpion bites. This Apis Mel is great. Thank you."

Apis Mel is made from Honey Bees, so is a clear simillimum for stinging pains, bee stings, swelling. 1.5 million people  and horses experience severe allergic reactions to the venon from bees, wasps, hornets in the USA.

Rapid swelling, itching from bee, wasp, hornet, mosquito, rosy red hives from allergy from food, bites, stings, swollen eyelids, watery eyes, sensitive to touch. Burning, stinging pains, swelling, hard welts.

Apis Mel is available in ointment, tablets, and pellets for fast relief.

Rapid swelling, itching from bee, wasp, hornet, mosquito, rosy red hives from allergy from food, bites, stings, swollen eyelids, watery eyes, sensitive to touch.

Keynote Summary:
Bee/Wasp Stings
Insect bites
Allergic reactions

Better From:
Cold application
Open air
Uncovering affected area

Worse From:
Heat application
Closed heated room
Warmth of bed
Pressure worse on right side after sleeping

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Arnica MontanaArnica is famous as the "overworked muscle" remedy whether from age, work, sports.

#1 injury remedy! Relief from pain, shock, & trauma of injuries, scrapes, accidents. Arnica is from the plant, Leopard's Bane.

This is the number one remedy for muscle and joint injury. Helps the body to heal from injury and reduce swelling, bruising, pain. Also use prior to dental work, surgeries, prolonged sports training.

For after effects of sprains, & pulled muscles. For pain relief while healing from injuries, fractures, muscular aches. Sport injuries to muscles, joints, shin splints. Insomnia from over-exhaustion.

Keynote Summary:

Better From:
Llying down
Putting head down

Worse From:

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Arsenicum AlbumThis remedy is made from arsenic trioxide.  It’s characteristics are well known in Homeopathy. Key attributes of homeopathic single remedy Arsenic Album are Anemia, Burning pains, Colds, Coughs, Diarrhea, Exhaustion, Food poisoning, Gastritis, Headache, Intermittent Fever, Malaria, Restlessness, Weakness.

Arsenic Album is a chief remedy for exhaustion and weakness with great mental and physical restlessness. The person is extremely depressed, irritable, restless and anxious. Wants to change place and move around. Although mentally restless, he is physically too weak to move. Arsenic Album also helps in supporting anemia.

Arsenic Album also helps in headaches due to exposure to cold, or food and water poisoning. Headache is throbbing and burning type. Headache worse by light, from 1-3 am and relieved by cold application. Arsenic Album is useful in cold and cough. There is wheezing respiration with cough and frothy expectoration. There is darting pain through upper one third of right lung, worse due to cold drink or cold food. Loss of breath immediately after lying down.

Arsenic Album has marked action on many gastro intestinal symptoms like gastritis, food poisoning, diarrhea etc. All the gastric symptoms caused due to taking cold foods, decayed food or water.  Dryness of mouth, violent thirst yet drinks little at a time but quite often. There is burning pain with intense heat in the pit of the stomach. Vomiting as soon as anything is taken. Vomiting black bile and blood. It also helps in diarrhea after eating or drinking. Stool is offensive.  Diarrhea followed by great exhaustion and weakness.

Keynote Summary:
Food poisoning
Water poisoning

Better From:
Drinking water
Cold application on head
Sitting upright

Worse From:
After 12:00am to 2:00am
Lying down
Being alone

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BryoniaBryonia is from White Bryonia. Tincture of the root.

A remedy for aches and pains. Pains associated with colds, flu's, coughs. Illness with chills alternating with fever. Person is quieter than normal when ill, or may be more irritable. They often want to be left alone.

The person is very thirsty, then can't hold the water, urinating often. Sore throat with dry hard spasmodic coughs. After eating, feels nauseous and weak. Stomach tender to the touch and feels heavy.

The person may have vertigo or faintness on rising.  Lumbar region feels bruised when lying down.  Changes in weather can cause feeling stiff all over body.  Joints and muscles may feel painful.  There may be tension in the knees and tightness in calves.  Body feels inflamed.

Keynote Summary:
Body aches
Stomach ache

Better From:
Rubbing on painful areas
Fresh air
Lying on painful side
Being left alone

Worse From:
Any movement or exertion
Light touch
Warmth, hot weather, sudden change of weather,

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CalendulaCalendula Officinalis comes from the marigold flower.

 Mainly useful for wounds, abrasions and incisions.  Calendula works great as an antiseptic or to help with serious infections.  It can work dramatically to promote healing.  Painful wounds, wounds that do not heal, chronic effects from wounds, wounds that tend to break open and heal again, dissecting wounds, festering wounds, gangrenous wounds, gaping wounds, inflammation of wounds, neglected wounds, suppurating wounds, and lacerated, torn or ragged wounds.

Rupture of muscles or tendons. Any dental surgery.

Calendula is also useful in ulcers, carbuncles and burns. Ulcers are irritable, inflamed, sloughing and excessive secretion of pus. Ulcers of varicose veins. It is also a remedy for women’s complaints especially of the cervix; warts and uterine hypertrophy, with a sensation of weight and fullness in pelvis and a pulling sensation of the groin. Calendula also helps in breast infections.

Keynote Summary:
Open wound

Better From:
Lying still
Walking about

Worse From:
Open air
Damp weather

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Cantharis :

Cantharanthus roseusCantharis is popularly known as Spanish fly. 

Cantharis is used in severe cystitis with a burning, scalding pain that gets worse as urine is passed. It is also given for other urinary tract infections and for scalds and burns that are helped by cold compresses.

This remedy is also effective for irritation of the digestive tract that leads to a distended abdomen; !burning pain and scalding diarrhea; a burning sensation on the soles of the feet at night; icy hands with red, hot fingernails; pus filled rashes on the hands; and black-centered stings.

Other physical symptoms eased by this remedy include loss of appetite, burning sensations in the throat, and a great thirst but no desire to drink.

The intense urge to urinate and burning pain are key symptoms for cantharis. Cantharis is indicated for the patient who experiences rapid and intense inflammation of the urinary system. There is a frequent and urgent need to urinate, however, only small amounts (drops) of urine are passed. Although extremely thirsty, cannot drink water or even tolerate seeing or hearing water.

Cantharis is also used to for burns or skin conditions that resemble burns. It is used for sunburn, blisters, skin eruptions, and insect bites. Symptoms associated with burns for which cantharis is indicated include blister formation, searing pain, and relief upon application of a cold compress. This remedy can relieve the pain associated with second or third degree burns. Cantharis is indicated for blisters that are burning and itching and feel better upon application of a cold compress.

Keynote Summary:
Sun burn
Bladder infection

Better From:

Worse From:
During movement
Drinking cold water or coffee

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Carbo VegetabilisCarbo Vegitabilis is from vegetable charcoal, well known for its ability to absorb toxins in the body.

Carbo veg is great for excess gas in stomach, indigestion, bloating, belching.

Calm your digestive system from overeating, eating wrong foods, poor or slow digestion, eating bad combinations of food.

Person may have sudden loss of memory.  Head may feel heavy and constricted.  There may be ringing in ears or humming.  There may be pain in stomach after eating accompanied by bloating and nausea.  Stomach feels raw and chest feels heavy.  Pinching sensation in abdomen.  There may be excessive gas in abdomen. Person may have difficulty breathing and feel as though they will collapse. 

Keynote Summary:

Better From:
After passing gas
With fresh cool air
Craves fresh cool air

Worse From:
Eating fatty foods
Evenings, night
Lying down
Eating rich foods
Poor food combinations
Too much food

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China OfficinalisChina Officinalis is an extract of the Peruvian tree Cinchona Pubescens which grows wild in the tropical forests of South America. The tree is cultivated in Africa, India and Asia in tropical climates.

When ill patient will be  quick to become exhausted and lethargic and may seem confused. They can sense that they are suddenly, totally the opposite to who they normally are and this can lead to a sense of despondency, depression. They easily lose their appetite along with their zest for life.

Physically they are anemic, dehydrated and weak.


Keynote Summary:
Fluid loss

Better From:
Firm pressure on affected area

Worse From:
After eating
At night

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Ferrum phosphoricum, abbreviated as ferrum phos., is a homeopathic remedy compound made from iron and phosphorus.
This remedy is well know for high fevers, often debilitating, and obvious inflammation of the affected part, be it throat, stomach, lungs, ect.   The person may have a slight flush.  May have gastrointestinal and respiratory problems.    Mainly used for high fevers, bleeding, nose bleeds anemia and  hemorrhages.

Other characteristics of ferrum phos. persons include a tendency to tire easily. They are nervous, sensitive people, disturbed by anxiety-provoking dreams. They may be restless sleepers, even though their illnesses are often brought on by overexertion. In addition, ferrum phos. persons often bleed easily; they are more prone to nosebleeds or minor bleeding from the gums at the onset of an illness. If they cough up mucus, it is likely to be streaked with blood. 

Tickling coughs accompanied by chest pain laryngitis red and swollen tonsils fevers that start slowly ear infections that have not yet produced pus incontinence, involuntary urination with coughing, bedwetting rheumatic joints, menstrual periods that begin with headaches, anemia, fatigue, nosebleeds, sore throats, especially in singers vomiting, diarrhea and heart palpitations.

Keynote Summary:
Nose bleed

Better From:
Sitting down
Slow motion

Worse From:

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GlonoinumGlonoinum, or glyceryl trinitrate, is a colorless, oily, liquid.

This remedy is mainly used for complaints, such as heatstroke, that involve the nervous control of the circulation to the head and heart. Symptoms include sudden flashes of heat due to increased blood circulation, which flow upward to the head. There is a feeling of fullness and a bursting pain in the head, which the sufferer tries to stop by squeezing the head. The remedy is also used for heat exhaustion and the onset of heatstroke.

Mentally may experience confusion about what location they are at.  Aggravated by the sun.  Face may be flushed.  May experience hot flashes.  Chest area congested with pulsing sensation. 

The person may hold their head with both hands with intense pain. Sensation of great soreness in head. Heaviness of head with rush of blood towards the head as if all blood gone to head. Sun-stroke and sun headache. Headache more from shaking, jar, stooping, lying down, sunrays.

Keynote Summary:
Heat stroke
Sun stroke
Rapid pulse

Better From:
Open air
Cold application
Cold weather

Worse From:
Lying down

Direct sun

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HypericumHypericum is the plant St. John's Wort.  Key physical symptoms associated with this remedy are injuries or wounds that feel more painful than they appear, with extremely sharp pains, perhaps in nerve-rich areas such as the base of the spine. The remedy may be used to relieve pain following operations, accidents, and is also given to help prevent tetanus. Nervous pains in phantom limbs after amputation, and toothaches or discomfort after dental treatment, may also be helped by the remedy.

In homeopathy St. John's wort ( Hypericum ) is often prescribed for bodily injuries, among other conditions, but it is selected for the soothing effect it is said to have on injured nerves rather than for any traditional reason.

Hypericum is used to treat shooting nerve pain that usually travels upward and nerve injuries, for example, after an operation or accident. Hypericum is the most important remedy to use whenever there is an injury to any part of the body with a high concentration of nerve endings, for example, the spine, eyes, lips, and head. Hypericum is effective for concussion with sensations in the head, such as an ice-cold feeling, and eye injuries. Hypericum acts on the spinal nerves, and is given for severe back pain that travels up or down the spine.

This is an excellent first-aid remedy for any kind of puncture wound  for example, from nails, rocks, and bites.
Other ailments for which the remedy is used include: asthma that is worse in foggy weather; toothache with pulling or tearing pain.

Hypericum is also used for nausea; indigestion, ; diarrhea; bleeding, ; nerve pain . Hypericum is useful in the treatment of depression and drowsiness.

Keynote Summary:
Nerve injury & pain
Crushed fingers & toes

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Ledum Palustre, sometimes called marsh tea, can be found across northern Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Ledum helps with infection and is an important first-aid remedy.  It. is especially useful for complaints such as insect stings, black eyes, and other eye injuries, cuts and grazes and puncture wounds. Ledum is effective for injuries or stings where there is severe bruising, with puffy, purplish skin and stinging pain.

Ledum is also given for the following: rheumatic pain that starts in the feet and moves upward; stiff, painful joints where the person feels hot inside but the affected limb is cold to the touch and is relieved by cold compresses; pain in the balls of the big toes due to gout; and painful swollen, and stiff tendons.

When ill, people who need this remedy suffer night sweats and throw off the bedclothes. Their feet and ankles may feel intensely itchy. They are prone to sprained ankles and may feel very angry, impatient, timid, and anxious, and prefer to be left alone.

Person may be chilly but with local amelioration from cold and aggravation from heat.  Face may look puffy or bloated.  Insect bites, especially tick bites and stings often with much swelling.  Any puncture wound can benefit greatly from this remedy. 

Keynote Summary:
Tick bite
Puncture wound
Insect bites

Better From:
Cold compress
Ice cold bathing

Worse From:
Over heated
Night time

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Mag-phosMagnesium Phosphorica is found inside the cells of muscles. 

Spasmodic is a key symptom and Magnesium Phos calms spasmodic coughs, hiccups and menstrual cramps. Magnesium helps with abdominal pains improved by eating.  Mag phos aids many spasmodic conditions in which nerves and muscles cannot cooperate these include leg cramps, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain or colic, back spasms, writer’s cramps, muscular tension, hiccoughs, tics, twitches, certain cases of bedwetting and other cramp or spasm symptoms.

For nerve pain, Mag phos specializes in radiating pains but applies well to shooting, stabbing pains as well. It can be very useful for stabbing headaches, backache, right-sided sciatic pain, facial nerve pain, toothache, right-sided ear pain, and inflamed, injured or weary nerves. 

Person may be on edge and irritable.  Classical remedy for neuralgia. 

Keynote Summary:
Muscle cramps
Leg cramps

Better From:

Worse From:


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Nux VomicaNux Vomica comes from the poison-nut tree.  It was brought to Europe from southeast Asia in the 15th century. Strychnine, the toxic alkaloid from its seeds, was famous as a poison before 17th-century physicians discovered its stimulating effect on the digestive and nervous systems. Nux vomica is chiefly linked to to stress and excess.

Uses: Nux vomica is mainly given for extreme over sensitivity and irritability. Digestive complaints, such as indigestion, diarrhea with painful abdominal cramps, with colicky pain, and constipation.  Nux vomica is also good for colds with a blocked nose at night and a runny nose during the day; flu with fever and stiff, shivering, aching muscles; and coughs with retching or dry, tickly coughs with larynx pain.

Digestive disorders: Diarrhea is accompanied by abdominal cramps, and nausea. Constipation may make it difficult to empty the bowel fully. The abdomen is often bloated and flatulent. Colds and influenza - runny catarrh.  There may be sneezing, and dry, tickly cough,, and watery, sensitive eyes, or influenza with aching muscles and a shivery fever.

Keynote Summary:

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Rhus Typhina






Keynote Summary:
Poison ivy
Itchy skin
Back pain

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Keynote Summary:
Sore knees & wrists

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Keynote Summary:
Eye wound
Bone injury
Stress fracture


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