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About The Vital Force & Homeopathy First Aid Kits


The Vital Force is one of the pioneers of online homeopathic consulting in North America, founded in 2000 by Kristina M. Star, CHom. The Vital Force offers holistic health consultations over the phone anywhere in the world.

The Vital Force Homeopathic Health Consults are entirely natural, non-invasive and safe for all - pregnant women, mothers, babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. We see animals as well.

Kristina Star has been using Homeopathy since early childhood.  She is a Certified Classical Homeopathic Practitioner.  She is registered with the National Center for Homeopathy.  A graduate of H.A.S.C. (Homeopathic Academy of Southern California).  She is dedicated, always keeping the best interest of her clients at heart.

Do you have questions for us? Would you like to speak to Kristina about your complaint before you schedule a consultation? Please call our office during business hours .


Please call 1-888-587-9991 or email to inquire about your individual consulting fees.  www.TheVitalForce.Net


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