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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between BACH flower remedies and HOMEOPATHY?

BACH flower remedies are only made from flowers and there are a few dozen of them. HOMEOPATHIC remedies are made from plants, animals and minerals and there are over five thousand different Homeopathic remedies.  BACH flower ONLY addresses the mental and emotional state of a person.  HOMEOPATHY addresses ALL levels of the person on a "Holistic" approach:  Mental, Emotional, and Physical.  Even though Bach remedies have a place in natural medicine they are best known for assisting is stressful situations.  Homeopathy addresses ALL levels of healing for a complete history of Holistic Health.

What is the difference between HOMEOPATHIC remedies and VITAMINS and HERBS?

HERBS and VITAMINS are not always safe for people. Dosages and quantities need to be closely monitored by a professional.  HOMEOPATHIC remedies are : non toxic, no known side effects, work on the energetic level instead of chemical level in body.  Although VITAMINS and HERBS have there place in natural health, they are best known for assisting in a "general" physical health regiment.  HERBS and VITAMINS  enter the body on a CHEMICAL level and HOMEOPATHY enters the body on a energetic level.  HOMEOPATHY addresses ALL levels of Holistic health:  Physical, Mental and Emotional for complete holistic health.

How are HOMEOPATHIC remedies MADE?

Homeopathic remedies are MADE from the elements found in nature --mineral, animal, and plant extracts are the base of these natural remedies which are then DILUTED through altering the degree of concentration to avoid creating side effects that can be disagreeable. There is a very distinct process for making homeopathic remedies.

When making a homeopathic remedy which is of plant or animal nature the extract--which is a soluble substances--is dissolved in a mixture of alcohol and water (approximately ninety percent pure alcohol and ten percent distilled water (the ratio can vary). Then this mixture is SHAKEN and then is press strained once it has cured. This yields a remedy referred to as a "MOTHER TINCTURE." The mother tincture is diluted to produce different remedy potencies.  By SHAKING the tincture the MOLECULES break down to be less than one percent of the original substance.  Thus making a ENERGETIC MEDICINE instead of a chemical medicine.

Why do you use 30C POTENCY in your KIT?

A 30C POTENCY is a good FIRST AID POTENCY.  There are higher potency's available such as 100C.  A 30C potency (if the right match), will be able to respond well to a first aid situation.  Sometimes higher potencies like 100C might cause the your immune system (Vital Force) to be "forced" to perform.  Thus possibly creating an aggravation.  You want to be POWERFUL YET GENTLE in boosting your system.

HOW LONG should I take the FIRST AID remedy?

During a FIRST AID situation, a remedy is usually given often to match the immediate needed response.  For example the remedy may be given every FIFTEEN MINUTES.  During a FIRST AID situation - when you see IMPROVEMENT you can give the remedy LESS FREQUENT and eventually WAIT.  Most often, if the right Homeopathic remedy was chosen, you can wait after ten doses.

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Yes!  You may want to ALTERNATE remedies during a FIRST AID situation.  

How do I ADMINISTER the Homeopathic Remedy? 

During a FIRST AID situation the best way to take a remedy is directly in the mouth.  Drop a few pellets  in the MOUTH so it will hit the mucous membrane for fast delivery.  There are other ways to administer a Homeopathic remedy such as in the water.   For immediate delivery, taking a remedy in the mouth is the first choice.  You don't have to be picky - just drop a few pellets in your mouth. 

What is the SHELF LIFE for a REMEDY?

Homeopathic remedies in pellet form can last forever.  Just be sure to keep them out of extreme high temperature above 130 degrees and direct sunlight for a long period of time.

What can ANTIDOTE (NEUTRALIZE) my Homeopathic remedies?

The most common known substances to ANTIDOTE remedies are strong smelling substances such as camphor or mint. 

What TEMPERATURES can the Homeopathic remedies withstand?

Your Homeopathic remedies should be kept away from TEMPERATURES ABOVE 130 DEGREES.  It is best to keep remedies away from temperatures BELOW FREEZING.

What do you mean by CONTAMINATE?

If you TOUCH  a pellet and then put it back in the bottle, this would be considered CONTAMINATING.  You want to keep your remedies fresh and clean without any disturbance.  So it is best to not put anything back in the bottle if it has been touched.  It would be OK if you just dropped some pellets onto a cap and then dropped them back into the bottle.  Just don't touch anything that is not sterile.

Why should  I not TOUCH the remedy?

Homeopathic remedies are COATED.  Which means that the "mother tincture" of the remedy was sprayed onto a sugar pellet, thus COATING the pellet with the remedy.  If you TOUCH the pellet, then you NEUTRALIZE the remedy.

Should I STOP my other MEDICATION?

No, you should talk with your Homeopath and Doctor to make a decision based on your overall health and improvement.

Is it safe to take a remedy if he/she is taking MEDICATIONS?

Yes!  Homeopathy is not a chemical, and therefore has NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS and  NO KNOWN DRUG INTERACTIONS. Always talk to your Doctor and Homeopath before making any changes in your medication schedule.

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